In essence: don't be a jerk. These rules cover the basics of keeping play fair, safe, and fun for all players and any breaking of these rules may result in a ban from administration.

Keep in mind that these rules cover OOC Issues such as Metagaming and IC/OOC dichotomy and will result in player ban. Any issues regarding in-game conflicts such as assualt, trespass, or other violations of Space Law should be resolved in-game and in-character first and foremost before resorting to outside help.

Basic Rules Edit

Don't Take People Out of the Round Unecessarily Edit

Don't kill people you don't have to, don't permabrig folks on minor offenses, don't lock people in their labs never to be seen again. These rounds last for a long time and are intended to be fun for everyone.

Keep IC and OOC Conversation Separate Edit

While OOC chat is permitted during rounds, please keep the conversations separate. Even discussions on character development or lore can cross the line and may result in a ban.

Resolve Conflicts Fairly and Do Not Resort to Unecessary Violence Edit

Please take a look at our Conflict Resolution Guide and be sure to take all steps to solve problems fairly before resorting to violence and murder. While you are permitted to kill outside of the traditional "Valid" umbrella, please do not harm others without a very good reason.

ERP (Erotic Role Play) Is Not Permitted Edit

Any roleplaying of sexual activities will result in an immediate ban. Keep in mind that this is a paramilitary research vessel and you are expected to remain professional.


If an administrator has made a decision you are expected to respect and honor that choice. Appeals are only allowed in the most dire of circumstances, although players are welcome to contact administration with any issues.

On Metaknowledge Edit

Letting knowledge carry over between rounds is permitted granted that it meets the following requirements:

Knowledge is Only Shared Between One Character Edit

While you are permitted to use more than one character between rounds, you are encouraged to keep the same one and gather knowledge between rounds.

Knowledge Comes Only From Active Play Edit

Anything learned while dead is not valid in the active game.

Traitor Statuses Do Not Carry Over Edit

While your character may remember who was a Syndicate agent and when, this status does not and cannot carry over between rounds and you may not treat others as Traitors simply due to their status in previous rounds.

Knowledge Does Not Result in Grudges Edit

Just because another character may have harmed, killed, or seriously annoyed you - with valid reason or not - does not give you permission to harm, kill, or irritate them in turn in later rounds. Every day is a new day on LS-1 and you have a job to do. Remain professional.

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