The year is 2550 and Nanotrasen has just launched their ultimate flagship, the crown jewel of the soon-to-be inducted Liberty Series.

Liberty Station One Edit

Libery Station One or LS-1 orbits Proxima Centurai, a dim M-Class flare star that - while volitile - will provide more than enough solar energy to the station as well as offer short commutes for Earth-dwelling crewmembers.

Designed to carry out the most cutting-edge experiments in Plasma and more in its state-of-the-art laboratories, this science vessel is set to stake the galaxy by storm.

It also showcases a wide range of amentities from a fully-funtioning Bar and a Kitchen that never closes, as well as a fully-stocked Library and a public Garden.

An Experiment in the MakingEdit

Nanotrasen isn't exactly sure of how well the Liberty Station project would work to begin with, so they decided to begin slowly by only offering shifts once a month onboard. Each shift is an experiment in its own right, testing this new workplace of the future.

Dark Rumors Edit

Word has gone around, however, that something much more sinister may be at play.

Rumor has that LS-1's primary function isn't Plasma research after all, but what its ulterior motive is, no one can quite decide. After all, who knows what happens onboard in between shifts.

Fast Forward Edit

Even six years later, in the year 2556, no one is exactly sure what happened to Liberty Station One. All anyone knows is that the disaster was so immense that the station was never rebuilt and there were very few - if any survivors.

The calamity is kept as a cautionary tale to Nanotrasen officials, but the details are murky at best.

Who knows what actually befell Libery Station One, only that life onboard any NT vessel is a dangerous one and safety should never be taken for granted.

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