A career in space is a dangerous one and accidents can and will happen, especially on a vessel like LS-1.

If you've died, however, don't fret! There are plenty of options when it comes to what happens next.

Make Contact Edit

Ghosts are permitted to rotate chairs and try and get the attention of the CHAPLAIN ONLY. These holy men and women are trained specifically to be in tune with the needs of the dead, and are open and receptive to your incessant whining. That is, if you're good at communication.

Become a pAI Edit

pAI or Personal Artificial Intelligences add an interesting new dimmension to the game and a new challenge for players. Some of these tiny calculators have been known to manipulate entire stations with only their PDA functions, all while dodging complex Directives. What can you accomplish?

Just be aware that your pAI character MUST BE SEPARATE OF YOUR CURRENT LIVING CHARACTER. They cannot share knowledge, grudges, or any meta information and should not be related in any capacity.

Become a Headslug Edit

Coritcal Borers or "headslugs" are the - usually - friendly and helpful little buddies who really know how to turn a skull into a home. Snuggle up into someone's brain and offer your assistance, or in rare cases wreak utter havoc.

Much like pAI, Headslugs cannot share meta knowledge.

Read Up While You Wait Edit

SS13 is a game of infinite complexities and a multitude of secrets and strategies. Flip through wikis and guides while you wait to be cloned, you never know what you'll figure out!

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