Between Traitors, Greytiders, and just general dickheads, some sticky situtations will arise. But never fear, there are ways to get out of such pickles!

Just follow these easy steps!

Try to Resolve In-Character Edit

Is this a dispute that can be solved between you two personally? Can you talk it out? Why can't we be friends? Try not to let this escalate to violence and if you're lucky, things will get sorted out.

Talk to an Authority Figure Edit

Should things get hairy, go to your (or their) Department's Head of Staff for non law-breaking situations. For Science this is the Research Director, For Engineering the Chief Engineer, Medical is the Chief Medical Officer, and Civilans is the Head of Personnel. Do not contact the Captain unless it is a most dire emergency.

If things escalate to violence and/or a crime against Space Law has been committed, contact a Security Officer immediately and be prepared to comply with them.

Contact an Admin - LAST RESORT Edit

Reach out to an Administrator via the 'ahelp' verb ONLY AS A FINAL RESPORT. If server rules have been broken or a player is becoming a true problem, we are here to help

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